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Alliioop puts your customer data to work

Alliioop provides powerful segmentation, deep customer insights and manages your Mailchimp and Facebook audiences. All built to help ecommerce marketers deliver highly targeted campaigns – at scale.

Key Features

Populations - Powerful
segmentation and insights

Populations is where you create, track, manage and connect with your key customer segments. It’s the go-to place to understand what’s going on across the customer life-cycle — and take action.

Populations metrics and reports

Smart segments

Populations are living and breathing segments, not static lists. As people do things to make them qualify for a segment, we automatically add them, or remove them when they no longer qualify.

Monitor your segments

Really get to know the health of your segments. We provide reports and insights so you can see how each of your segments are performing over time. Easily spot which segments need your attention. See LTV, Avg order value, frequency, days since last purchase.

Segment on anything

In order to be highly targeted, you have to be able to segment on anything. You can segment customers based on any behavior, actions, properties and time.

Auto-sync with Facebook and MailChimp

Connect your segments to MailChimp and Facebook Audiences and build more targeted campaigns. We automatically add and delete people from the audience so you only target the people that matter, and not the ones who already purchased.

Population - Most viewed products report

Compare purchases across segments

See the purchase patterns for each Population. Learn what products they are viewing, adding and buying.

Person level details

Meet your customers! Inspect the details of every person in a Population. See their LTV, campaigns clicked purchases, and more.

Reporting and insights

Alliioop captures all your Shopify shop data and keeps two years of history. We deliver the reports and insights from high-level conversion metrics down to the behavioral details, purchase history and LTV of every customer and shopper.

Ecommerce funnel report and conversion breakdown

Pre-built metrics and reports

Within minutes of activating the Shopify connection, we’ll light up your screen with ecommerce specific metrics, reports and insights.

Two-years of history

Unlike other solutions that only give you 28-days of history, we keep two full years of every single action, of every single shopper. That’s what you need to really understand behavioral trends and campaign performance.

Anonymous data mapping

Alliioop connects your anonymous shopping data to people. Once you capture their email address, we tie it to their anonymous data, so you can send welcome emails promoting the products they’ve been viewing.

Cross-device tracking

We tie the customer journey together across devices. They can start shopping on mobile, then purchase on desktop, or any other combination, and we’ll show you what happened.

Ecommerce conversion and attribution report

Understand conversions

Dive into your shop’s important conversion points and understand when people are converting, how long it takes them to convert and more. Also, understand which of your ad campaigns or marketing programs are driving better conversion.

Customer level detail

Get reports, metrics and insights all the way down to the individual customer level.

Manage your MailChimp and Facebook audiences

Create dynamic, automated MailChimp and Facebook Audiences, for more precise targeting and higher ROI.

Alliioop Connections and integrations

Dynamic Facebook audiences and MailChimp lists

Connect your Populations to a MailChimp list or Facebook audience, and we’ll keep them in-sync in real time. No more exporting and uploading to keep things fresh!

Retargeting and lookalike audiences

Keep audiences dynamic and fresh based on behavior not captured by Facebook, such as actions from email campaigns, or across devices. Retarget directly or create highly relevant lookalike audiences. Better targeting and higher ROI.

Facebook Ad manager connection

Single-click integration

You can connect any one of your segments to a MailChimp list or Facebook audience with the click of a button. We’ll manage it from there and save you tons of time.


Built for Shopify

Alliioop has an easy one-click integration with Shopify. All your historical Shopify data will load automatically, and we’ll keep two years worth, so you can compare year-over-year. Once we receive the data, we light up your screen with pre-built reports and Populations for you to start using immediately—and of course, you can modify them and add your own.

Training, guidance and support

We will make sure that you and your colleagues are set-up, trained and ready to use Alliioop, including:

  • A dedicated Customer Success Rep
  • Web-based training sessions
  • Strategic account guidance, including:
    • Initial Population creation
    • Initial reports set-up
  • Regular account check-ins

Understanding the entire customer lifecycle in alliioop – from discovery to purchase – is crucial for increasing our conversions.

Taylor Coil

Marketing Manager, Tortuga Backpacks

Alliioop is crucial for increasing our conversions.

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