Build more great customers with Alliioop

Alliioop helps ecommerce companies sell more to their customers through highly targeted email and Facebook campaigns.

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Connect with your customers

Alliioop is an ecommerce Customer Marketing Platform that makes it easy to engage with your customers uniquely and precisely through email and Facebook—at scale.

Purchases happen when you catch people, with the right message, at the right moment. With Alliioop you don't leave that to chance.

Build higher lifetime value

You spend a lot to get each customer. But turning them into repeat customers is even more important. Blanket emails won’t work. You must understand who they are and what they love. Alliioop will help you engage your customers in a way that will keep them coming back—forever.

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Ecommerce LTV Report
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Better Facebook audiences

Single-click connect Alliioop to your Facebook Custom Audiences and your ads will be more on target—increasing your conversion rates. Alliioop will automatically add and remove people from your Facebook audiences based on their shopping activity and profile data.

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See what’s going on

Our reports and insights show you what’s really going on, from high-level conversion metrics, to detailed campaign performance, to the complete LTV and journey of every customer.

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Ecommerce Conversion Report

Understanding the entire customer lifecycle in Alliioop – from discovery to purchase – is crucial for increasing our conversions.

Taylor Coil

Marketing Manager, Tortuga Backpacks

Alliioop is crucial for increasing our conversions.

Make your Shopify site soar

Alliioop has an easy one-click integration with Shopify. All your historical Shopify data will load automatically, and we’ll keep two years worth, so you can understand the full customer journey and compare year-over-year performance. Once we receive the data, we light up your screen with pre-built reports, insights and segments for you to use—and of course you can modify them and add your own.

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