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Turn anonymous visitors into superstar customers

Connect Alliioop and instantly increase the power of your MailChimp and Facebook campaigns.

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Our customer insights lead the way to conversions

Alliioop collects two years of customer data - from the first anonymous visit through each purchase - and delivers customer insights and segments that automatically sync with Facebook and MailChimp to deliver highly targeted ads and emails.

Purchases happen when you catch the right people with the right message. With Alliioop you don’t leave that to chance.

Put your anonymous shopper data to work

Alliioop connects your anonymous shopping data to people. Once you capture their email address, we tie it to their anonymous data, so you can send welcome emails promoting the products they’ve been viewing, instead of a blanket message.

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Ecommerce LTV Report
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Better Facebook and MailChimp campaigns

Single-click connect Alliioop to your Facebook Custom Audiences and MailChimp lists and campaigns will be more on target - increasing your conversion rates. Alliioop will automatically add and remove people from your audiences based on their shopping activity and profile data.

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Customer insights to drive performance

Our reports and insights show you what’s going on, from high-level conversion metrics, to the true time-to-convert, to the complete LTV and journey of every customer. So you can make better marketing decisions.

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Ecommerce Conversion Report

Understanding the entire customer lifecycle in Alliioop – from discovery to purchase – is crucial for increasing our conversions.

Taylor Coil

Marketing Manager, Tortuga Backpacks

Alliioop is crucial for increasing our conversions.

Make your Shopify site soar

Alliioop has an easy one-click integration with Shopify. All your historical Shopify data will load automatically, and we’ll keep two years worth, so you can understand the full customer journey and compare year-over-year performance. Once we receive the data, we light up your screen with pre-built reports, insights and segments for you to use — and of course you can modify them and add your own.

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